Guest Editorial:Site Selection of a Freestall Housing System

Natural ventilation of the freestall barn is an essential consideration of site selection. Earth can be moved, driveways built, and utility lines extended; however, summer breezes cannot be redirected to ventilate a poorly located freestall barn. Hot, humid, and still days most critically affect cow comfort and performance. Therefore, freestall barns that will rely on natural ventilation should be located to take the best advantage of any breezes.

Udder Stuff: Dairy News Briefs

Tension Fabric Buildings
FarmTek, the industry leader in tension fabric buildings, provides design-build and energy-efficient building solutions for dairy facilities and hay storage. For County Line Farms, a 75-head dairy cow farm in Dyersville, Iowa, a more streamlined storage facility, to keep hay dry and nutritious, was in order. “I needed a multipurpose building,” explained owner Al Mensen. “The ClearSpan building offers plenty of space for our farm equipment and our hay. The price was also right. It was much more cost-effective than a stick building!”

Quality Without Compromise

Supreme International is known around the world for building vertical processors that meet the highest expectations of quality and performance. Supreme has earned this reputation by custom designing and building each mixer to the end user’s specifications, and using only the highest quality parts and components.

WATER: Improving Your Herd’s Most Important Nutrient

If you do just one thing to improve the health of your herd and improve productivity, it should be to provide the best quality drinking water possible. Contaminated drinking water isn’t just bad for your cows and their milk. A cow will produce less milk if she isn’t drinking enough due to poor-quality water, which is bad for your bottom-line. And drinking water treated with chemicals isn’t the ideal answer. In traditional drinking water systems for livestock, various toxic chemicals are added to the water to control bacteria, biofilm growth and calcium scale build-up.

PERIbreeze ADF53 - Increased Air Flow=Happy Cows & Happy Cows=More Milk!

To many Americans, Italy is a country defined by Italian style, stunning scenery, great food, fast cars and a rich cultural history. Termotecnica Pericoli is hoping to change that perception somewhat, at least among American dairymen. When you think Italian, they want fans to come to mind.Termotecnica Pericoli was established in 1967 and is still a family owned and operated business to this day. Started by entrepreneur Domenico Pericoli, the ‘Officina Termotecnica di Domenico Pericoli’ began by producing hot water boilers.

Mastitis, Fly Control and Your Dairy

Fly Control and Your Dairy

The Problem
As a dairy owner, you’re more than familiar with mastitis — what it is and how, if left unattended, can affect your profits. According to the National Mastitis Counsel, without effective treatment, mastitis in the dairy cow will infect approximately forty percent of the herd in an average of two quarters. When factoring in reduced milk production, discarded milk, drug costs, veterinary fees and labor costs, the cost for treatment could be up to $200.00 per cow per year.

Stop Wasting Hay! John Deere B-Wrap™ Offers New Way to Preserve Bale Quality

Store round bales outdoors, through the winter, and you’ll likely get hit with a hefty “fine.” According to research from Oklahoma State University, round bales can lose between 5 and 20 percent of their dry matter just by sitting outside through winter. Ouch! And those dry-matter losses increase even more if the bale sits outside for a full year or more.

Dairymen’s Directory of Dairy Cows for Sale and Dairy Farms

The American Dairymen Breeder Directory contains over 200 dairy farms in the United States as well as a listing of dairy cattle breeders. Published 12 times a year, American Dairymen contains feature articles on farm equipment, dairy farmers, and the latest information on the dairy industry. Our web site offers back issues of the magazine as well as its extensive data base of dairy farms.

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