March 2012

Farmers Should Dress Safely When Doing Their Ag Chores

You know when spring is here and fieldwork has picked up, so does the potential for farm accidents.

Approximately 5% of the accidents on the farm are livestock related, 19% come from machinery and about 36% involve tractors. Agriculture has the highest death rate of any industry in the United States. Approximately 1,600 deaths and 1,600,000 injuries occur each year due to farm work accidents. Do not blame the farm machinery or structures since the human element is usually the underlying cause of a farm accident.

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Feedworks USA, Ltd. was founded in 2005 and currently represents non US Companies that manufacture their own Feed Additives and wish to have these Feed additives marketed and sold within the United States.

Today Feedworks USA represents three International companies and specializes in the marketing and sales of some of their manufactured products.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to continually provide the US producer with new and innovative quality products that are well researched and offer strong technical and financial benefits to users.