April 2012

Front-End Loader Safety Tips

A front-end loader is a versatile and valuable tool on any tractor. However, improper operation of the tractor-loader combination can be hazardous. The center of gravity rises as the loader is raised and the stability of the tractor is affected. If not used according to the guidelines stated in the operator's manual, this can result in a potential tipping hazard for the tractor.

Remember to always refer to the operator's and safety manuals for advice on proper use of your equipment. Adopt and follow the motto "low and slow" when it comes to loader use.

Wisconsin Dairy Farm Receives Grant

Wisconsin Dairy Farm Receives Grant

State Department of Administration Secretary Huebsch announced recently that BIOFermTM Energy Systems and Allen Farms have been awarded a grant to help fund a feasibility study for the “plug and play” digester EUCOlino. This project, which is also made possible by a unique partnership with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and its Foundation, will be the first installation of this new innovative technology in the United States.

4 Tips to Fine-tune Transition Cow Nutrition and Management

4 Tips to Fine-tune Transition Cow Nutrition and Management

A barn full of healthy, productive cows is a wonderful sight to see. But this scene isn’t accomplished without help. Rather, it is the culmination of good management, proper nutrition and attention to detail, especially during the transition period.

Freshening the First Calf Heifer


The first-calf heifer must successfully adapt to numerous physiological and behavioral changes at calving. Strategies that reduce stress prior to calving should optimize the chance for success, says Noah Litherland, Dairy Nutritionist, University of Minnesota, Dairy Extension.

Stress reducing strategies should focus on adaptive nutrition and behavioral management prior to calving, According to the USDA, first-calf heifers represent approximately 36 per cent of the U.S. cow population. First calf heifers represent the present and the future of dairy farms.

Starting Over

Drumgoon Dairy Family

In the dairy industry, making decisions comes with the territory, but for Rodney and Dorothy Elliott, owners of Drumgoon Dairy near Lake Norden, South Dakota, their decisions have been a bit more complicated than most dairy farmers have to make. After owning a dairy farm in Ireland for 18 years, Rodney and Dorothy made the decision to leave their homeland and move to the prairies of eastern South Dakota.

Why Move?