Calf Housing

Product Review

Calf Housing needs are based on many things, including space, budget, safety, convenience and even expansion. We want to help you keep your calves healthy and happy. To do that, our Research Department has complied feature information on 4 top-of-the-line systems from J & D Calf Condo, Agri-Plastics, Calf-Tel Pen System and Comfy CALF Suites.


EXL Calf Hutch has an advanced Design, Advanced ventilation system, is molded from heavy Gauge Plastic, and has a 10-year Limited Warranty.
Deluxe SL Calf Hutch is completely opaque, the “stay open door” locks into place when opened and has a left or right offset door or full cutout for warmer climates.
By putting weaned calves into an Agri-Plastics Animal House you will eliminate the competition for food and water. Every Agri-Plastics Animal House is built to last, by making a thick wall unit. The moulded plastic skid frame is truly opaque for no major temperature swings. They are rotational moulded for even wall thickness, have a front and rear ridge vent, optional rear vents and come with a 10 year limited warranty.
Agri-Plastics Indoor Calf Raising Pens are free standing or wall mounted. The unique, interlocking, tongue in groove system makes for quick and easy assembly. This fastening system also allows you to dismantle units in minutes! Easy to clean, lightweight, one person can do the job. Manufactured from durable polyethelene, panels are built to last, and will not promote the growth of bacteria, or spread disease. 1.888.231.3575
Calf-Tel Pen System
The free standing, cost effective solution for indoor calf raising The Calf-Tel pen has all the advantages of the Calf-Tel calf-raising systems integrated into a cost-effective, expandable and management conscious system. Adjustable door and bucket height, Easy to set up, configure, expand and sanitize, Lightweight and simple to move – requires only one person, System interlocks side-to-side and back-to-back, Superior ventilation – standard adjustable rear venting, Exterior feeding with built in separator, Hinged door with full upright access, Free standing – does not require permanent installation, Steel reinforced doorframe.Built to last, it’s common to see their original hutch, manufactured more than twenty-five years ago, still in use today. 262-255-4540
Comfy Calf Suites
 Comfy Calf Suites offer an advanced, innovative housing alternative to outdoor hutches and other labor-intensive options for penning, Comfy Calf Suites are easy to install, easy to clean and the open-front gates allow you to keep a close eye on the future of your dairy herd, They are safe, efficient and most importantly, very comfortable for your calves and you, No more feeding calves outside. Comfy Calf Suites makes feeding easier for you, Calves are easier to see in the Comfy Calf Suites compared to enclosed shelters, Better air quality improves the health of your calve, Plastic dividers isolate each calf, keeping your calves healthy, Ideal for calves up to eight to ten weeks of age, they are built with durable plastic planks and heavy-duty hardware, Dividers remove quickly and easily when required. Cleaning is simple and removal of dividers makes group penning an option as your calve mature, Available in various sizes and with various options to suit your requirements, Producers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe are choosing Comfy Calf Suites (including numerous repeat customers) to raise calves in curtain barns, greenhouses and other types of facilities. 800-263-4598
J&D Calf Condo
Easy to install! Set the posts, slide in the panels, drop in the gate, Easy to clean! Slide out the panels and use your skid steer to clean, (Easy to group! Slide out a panel to group two or more calves together, 36”, 42” and 48” packages available,Pail divider reduces cross contamination from bucket to bucket, Optional tie bar for added strength on freestanding stalls, Optional bedding saver to reduce bedding loss, Optional bottle holder, J&D will soon be releasing the following updates to the calf condo, Redesigned pails and pail holders, Adjustable gate openings, Adjustable gate height of 15”, 17” and 19” 800-998-2398