Hoof Trimming Equipment

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Riley Built®
Located in the West Plains of Texas, and operating since 1969, Riley Built® is dedicated to providing quality hoof trimming chutes and hoof trimming equipment to customers around the world. Riley Built® offers three Hoof Trimming Models to chose from (Stationary, Tandem Axle Trailer, and 1 Ton Ford Truck Trimming Chutes). Founder Bill Riley has been recognized as a leader in the hoof trimming industry, serving on the Jobs and Prosperity Task Force Advisory Board and as President of the National Hoof Trimmers Association. The company even offers hoof trimming training and a hoof trimming school. For this review we’ve selected to focus on some of the features of the Tandem Axle Trailer.
• Hydraulic Station for ease of operation
• Tandem Axle Trailers come with brakes and lights that hook up and detach in less than five minutes
• Front door can be hydraulically opened and closed for ease of operation, and to make a smooth exit for the animal
• These operations can be handled by one person in one spot independently
• Hydraulically-controlled outriggers to aid in stabilizing the unit
• Standard with a fence designed to protect equipment and cattle
• All hydraulic control valves are situated by the back door and control five different aspects of the machinery: station, front door, belly bands, chute layover, and outriggers
7802 Genoa Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79424
Fax: 806-798-0254
Luiten’s Welding
Luiten’s has been building hoof-trimming equipment since 1960 and bills itself as ‘the original walk-thru chute’. Over 50 years the company has refined its product to offer single and three-phase chutes from their facility in Chino, California to your acreage.
• Each chute is fully enclosed. A cow cannot turn around, can only look forward to the locking head catch
• Nothing in the way for the cow to trip over
• Rapid entry and exit. Double latched doors can be opened easily under pressure
• Constructed of heavy gauge materials including American-made hydraulic and electrical parts
• Single and three-phase available
• Each hoof trimmer is custom built to customer specs
• Ask any professional in the West, Luiten’s chutes have probably seen hundreds of thousands of cows pass through them, and continue to be reliable
• Comfortable for both cow and worker
6210 Chino Ave • Chino, CA 91710
Fax: 909-628-4471
The For-Most Tip Chute provides a complete package that combines a headgate, working chute, and a tip table all into one unit. This unit is ideal for hoof trimming, surgical procedures, or just plain working animals. The Tip Chute’s unique design permits the floor to raise and lower with the animal. This allows the animal to remain standing, keeping it calm and reducing the chance of injury. Once the animal is tipped, the floor drops down out of the way for easy access to the animal’s feet. The floor is spring loaded to allow easy, one-handed operation.
• Model 30T headgate securely catches and holds livestock, including small calves and horned animals
• Ratchet type squeeze holds animals securely when in upright working position
• Adjustable backboard prevents the animal from sliding sideways in the chute
• Two large doors on side of chute provide access to the animal
• Sliding tailgate in rear of chute prevents animals from backing out.
• Heavy duty all steel construction
• Available in stationary or portable
• Can be ordered in manual or hydraulic unit
127 10th Street
Hawarden, IA 51023
Shep’s Welding Inc.
Shep’s Welding has been in the welding and manufacturing business since 1975. They’ve gained invaluable experience dealing with the problems confronting farmers and dairymen. In 1991 we built our first Hoof Trimming Table and it is still in operation today. Shep’s also offers a complete line of welding supplies and several different types of metal.
• 2½ x 2½ x 3/16 square tubing frame
• Hydraulic belts and tilt
• 220V single phase 2 hp electric motor
• Manual head lock
• Sides: enclosed with 5/8” ac plywood
• Mat: ¾” thick rubber installed on cow side
• Leg restraints: ¼” chain w/rubber protection
• Flow control: 3/8” flow control valve, for down speed
• Gates: self-locking w/remote releases
PO BOX 296 • Chiefland, FL 32626
Berkelman’s Welding
Berkelman’s Welding has 20 years of experience in designing cattle hoof trim chutes. In addition to hoof trimming chutes and tables, the company also produces dump boxes, trailers, built-in toolboxes, utility trailers, as well as both stationary and portable hoof trimming equipment.
• 4 models to choose from:
  1. Portable hoof trim tables
  2. Stationary hoof trimming tables
  3. 3 pt. hitch skid steer mount  
  4. Truck mounted
• Right and left side layover and we also build truck-mounted units
• 2x2 tube frame with 3/16 plate bed
• Two 10” lift belts on hydraulic arm
• Rubber mat for cow comfort.
• Self-catching head gate
• Cattle hoof trim chutes measure 75” long 30” wide and 68” high (inside measurements)
• Toolbox for pump and battery protection
• Skid steer hoof trimming tables and 3 point hitch comes with or without hydraulic pump
• Delivery available in US and Canada
RR#7 • Aylmer • Ontario, Canada • N5H 2R6
Fax: 519-765-4507