PDPW Conference Preview

Published on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 10:40am

Recharge globally & locally. Meet up with dairy producers from around the world at this year’s conference. Find out that despite the miles between  us, the issues we face bring us closer together than ever.


MARCH 12 - 13, 2013


Keynote Speakers and Entertainment

Dairying Around the World International 
Panel of Dairy Producers

Dairy producers Andy MacFarlane, New Zealand; Jane Dyson, England; and Jaime Suarez, Mexico, will take us around the world in 60 illuminating minutes. They’ll cover what they are living right now: milk pricing, cost of production, feed availability and other factors affecting their bottom line. The panelists will also shed light on the issues we all share as dairy producers. 1.0 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Andrew MacFarlane, a native of New Zealand, started his career as a farm management consultant in 1981, purchasing farmland for the first time in 1989. In 2000, Andrew, his wife Tricia and brother John converted their New Zealand sheep, beef and grain farm to a 770-cow dairy unit. They have since added partners and three other dairy units ranging from 770 cows to 3,000 cows.

Jane Dyson is a fourth-generation dairy producer, farming near Oxford, England, with her husband Neil and her parents. After graduating in Agriculture from the University of Reading, Dyson spent five years as a dairy consultant before returning to the family farm, which now runs 480 cows on 650 acres. She has served as a director of her local farm inputs buying group and on the Member Council of a dairy co-op and is currently Vice President of European Dairy Farmers, an international benchmarking group for farmers.

Jaime Suarez is part of a family dairy business based in Mexico. The business includes Loma Linda, a 1,200 milking-cow facility, in El Marques, Querétaro, Mexico; San Sebastian, a 2,500 milking-cow facility in Tequisquiac, Mexico; and two ranches that provide corn silage and tritricale silage. No stranger to adversity and challenges, the family business has survived for more than 60 years and has strategies in place to remain sustainable.

No Place But Up! - Lance Fox  
At one time climbing Mount Everest was just a dream for veterinarian Lance Fox. But, on May 21, 2009, Fox joined the ranks of less than 4,000 people in the world to reach our planet’s highest point, the summit of Mount Everest. Accompanied by amazing photos and videos, Fox will show us it’s not the challenge that defines us but rather how we cope with it and learn from it..5 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†
Dr. Lance Fox is Dairy Field Technical Specialist for Wisconsin with Diamond V. He grew up working on a small dairy farm in central Wisconsin and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1995. 

Laugh at Fear - Frank MilesFrank Milesdied in a hang gliding accident but lived to tell about it, thanks to emergency room doctors who revived him. Through this life-and-death experience Miles reached the realization that true courage is not facing death in daredevil pursuits. True courage is facing life. His comic monologues, juggling, music and magic highlight life’s simple ideas and shatter the self-imposed limits of fear. 
Frank Miles is a San Francisco native who turned down a scholarship to the University of California at Berkeley to pass the hat for pocket change as a street performer. He discovered a knack and a passion for entertaining people, and made it to the bright lights and big shows of Las Vegas. 
An adrenaline junkie, he took up rock climbing with no ropes or gear, plus hand gliding with no lessons. Miles recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

Generations, Start Your Engines! 
- Seth Mattison

How do people from different generations rev up productivity without causing sparks to fly? In the past, older workers had all the answers and younger ones followed orders.  Now, with four generations vying for a seat at the conference table, rules are all over the map. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran managing those younger than you, a skilled Gen X’er managing upward, or the new Millennial bringing fresh energy to the workplace, Seth Mattison’spractical insights will help you excel in your role. .75 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Seth Mattison is an internationally renowned speaker for BridgeWorks LLC and is known for his interest in workforce trends and his generation, the Millennials. Born and raised in Minnesota, Mattison successfully launched his first company during his senior year at the University of Wisconsin–Stout, where he majored in Business and was captain of the football team.

The Rookie - Jim Morris

Get ready for a real-life story that will rekindle your own dreams and ignite your passion for overcoming the odds. Hear the real-life story that inspired the Hollywood hit movie “The Rookie,” the story of a man who helped a small town realize its potential and shaped a gangly group of misfits into a championship team.  This teacher helped others find their dreams, and it sparked a change of events that helped him fulfill his own dream late in life. This keynote will inspire, energize and stir emotions like you’ve never experienced. His story is about dreams, challenges and baseball, but his message is about life.1.0 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Jim Morris is part of the landscape of American heroes. Drafted in the first round in 1984, Morris became a major league baseball player only to leave the lower minors in 1988 when he suffered a series of debilitating arm injuries. Morris earned a college degree and became a high school science teacher and baseball coach in West Texas. At age 35 and some 11 years after retiring from minor league baseball, Morris returned to major league baseball, striking all-star Royce Clayton with a 98-mile-per-hour fastball. He retired from baseball in 2001.



Recommit to Safety:  Conducting Farm Safety Orientations and Meetings with High-Return Results

Changing employee behaviors regarding safety at your dairy calls for renewed commitment to safety, effective training and communication. Jorge Estradawill show you practical and highest-return methods to raise the safety consciousness of employees, review current behaviors and create the satisfaction and benefits that come from changed behaviors. 1.75 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Jorge Estrada is the founder and CEO of Leadership Coaching International Inc. and previously worked in the feed and pharmaceutical industries in the U.S. and abroad. Originally from Guatemala, he coaches, trains, facilitates and consults globally. 


Decision Making Processes for Your Feed Program

With a growing number of feed products, additives and services available, it is increasingly more difficult to determine what is best for your dairy. Should you run trials on your own dairy, and how should you weigh these trials against university research? Dr. Brian Perkins will teach you how to create a decision-making process on your dairy and how to make good, profitable decisions about what goes into your ration. 1.75 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Dr. Brian Perkins is a Technical Service Specialist for Diamond V and is responsible for providing technical assistance primarily to customers in the Western United States.  He is board certified in Dairy Nutrition with the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.


Increasing and Maintaining Profitability During Volatile Times

You can accept volatile markets and embrace the challenge, or turn out the lights. Recharge your business skills as Moderator Jason Karszes sheds light on the opportunities challenging times present. He’ll examine where in your business to look for the spark of profitability and uncover likely and unlikely places to fine tune the numbers and increase margins. Dairy producers John Dickinson and Don Jensen will provide insight into how their dairies remain financially fit. 1.75 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Jason Karszes is a Farm Management Specialist with the PRO-DAIRY Program at Cornell University and works with 80 to 100 dairy producers a year helping them with annual business performance, budgeting, decision-making and goal setting to improve business performance. Don Jensen is a New York dairyman who has 1,300 dairy cows and 1,000 youngstock and employs 12 Hispanic employees, nine local full-time help and three family members.  John Dickinson is co-owner and President of Ideal Dairy Farms, Inc., a 1,000-cow dairy located in eastern New York. Ideal Dairy Farms has a 100-year history, and remains focused on Ideal’s 1913 slogan “where quality and service meet.”


Make Mom Proud: Understand the Early Life Factors that Impact Long-term Productivity of Calves

We continue to learn more about powerful signals a dam sends to the calf through colostrum and milk, and research shows that these early-life beacons play a role in ensuring more efficient nutrient utilization and enhanced health in calves. Dr. Michael Van Amburghwill share practical, important information that can result in positive, profitable results for the animals in your care. 1.75 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Mike Van Amburgh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University,  where he has a dual appointment in teaching and research.  His current work focuses on understanding factors associated with early life development and long-term productivity of calves.


Hall of Ideas Trade Show—Spend time with our industry’s partners and learn about innovative products, processes, technologies and ideas.





Beyond Margin Management, 
A New Frontier Awaits

For many dairy producers, price risk and opportunity management remain the final frontier to conquer. Energetic CEO Scott Stewart will give you the tools so volatile commodity markets no longer confuse, paralyze or render you powerless to make financial decisions about your farm’s future. Stewart will explore processes used by the world’s leading businesses for managing price risks in chaotic environments.

Scott Stewart is CEO of Stewart-Peterson Inc. and a leading authority on commodity marketing strategies and “thinking like a CEO” where risk and opportunity management are concerned. He is chair of the Introducing Broker Advisory Committee for the National Futures Association and past president of the National Introducing Brokers Association.


The Engaged Employee - How to Increase Productivity Through Five Specific Behaviors

Fully engaged employees treat your company as if it were theirs, go the extra mile, understand the business fully and are the most productive.  Jorge Estradawill provide insight into how managers can generate the highest levels of engagement from employees, routinely and consistently via five leadership behaviors.  Producer panelists Robert Hennenand Juan Quezadawill share their first-hand experience using this effective method. 1.5 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Jorge Estrada is the founder and CEO of Leadership Coaching International Inc. and previously worked in the feed and pharmaceutical industries in the U.S. and abroad. Originally from Guatemala, he coaches, trains, facilitates and consults globally. Minnesota dairy producer Robert Hennen and his wife Ann own 2,850 cows and about the same number of replacement heifers, farm about 2,200 acres and are partners in United Dairies. Juan Quezada is the Director of Safety, Recruiting and Training for Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna Wis., where he is responsible for teaching and preparing new and current employees on all aspects of safety in the dairy—from cow handling and heat stress to farm machinery and confined space.


Avoiding Heat-Stressed Cows with Cool Management

Heat stress is a huge profit-robber on many dairies. Dr. Jim Spainwill evaluate the broad impacts of heat stress on dairy cattle and discuss cooling strategies that incorporate animal and environmental factors. He’ll propose dietary management strategies that support heat-stressed dairy cattle at every stage, especially the late gestation dry cow carrying “a little furnace.”

Dr. Jim Spain is the University of Missouri’s interim Provost for eLearning. A former State Extension Dairy Specialist, Spain specializes in feeding management systems and computerized diet formulation and implementation of computerized DHIA records analysis. He introduced the 100-Day Contract management concept for the transition dairy cows.


Dairy Stockmanship: Reconnecting People to Cows

Many of today’s dairy workers don’t have the early life experiences that give them intuitive understanding of dairy animal behaviors. That means this new generation of dairy workers needs to learn. Even if you’ve been around dairy animals all of your life, Dr. Don Höglundwill deliver many  “I didn’t know that” moments as he zeroes in on dairy stockmanship and the interactions that occur between people and cows. 1.5 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Dr. Don Höglund is Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota and teaches applied animal behavior and handling at the College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University. Dr. Höglund served as a principle with Dr. Paul Rapnicki in the production of “Livestock Trust” and “Dairy Stockmanship.”


Hall of Ideas Trade Show—Visit with industry’s preferred suppliers who are ready to share information and ideas to help recharge you and your business.




Stepping Up Calf Immunity and 
Controlling Bovine Respiratory Disease

Sometimes it’s the simple strategies that can boost calf immunity and control BRD. Dr. Amelia Woolumswill share research showing how outside stress factors impact a calf’s developing immune system.  This new information is a big piece of the health puzzle and will help you manage vaccinations to optimize calf health.  1.5 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Dr. Amelia Woolums is a faculty member in the Department of Large Animal Medicine at the University of Georgia. Her research interests are bovine respiratory disease, vaccination to control BRD and immunity in the cow and calf.


New Technologies to Improve Dairy Cattle Reproduction

While we all would like the silver bullet to improve reproduction in dairy cattle, Dr. Paul Frickewill give us the next best thing. He’ll offer an overview of research assessing the value of new technologies with the potential to improve reproduction in dairy cattle. He’ll discuss accelerometer systems for detection of estrus and new methods for non-pregnancy diagnosis, including blood and milk PAG tests, and the use of ultrasonography. Cutting-edge information for the herd manager!

Dr. Paul Fricke is a Professor of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research goal is to improve reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle by applying knowledge gained through scientific research to develop practical management strategies and assess new reproductive technologies.


Dairy Globalization: What Lies Ahead?

Demand is the all-important balance to the supply we produce, and exports have given U.S. dairy industry a shot in the arm. Robert Cheslerwill moderate a panel of leaders—Marc Beck, Chris Herlacheand Mark Piper—and explore today and tomorrow’s global dairy marketplace. These panelists will provide their unique opinions on questions such as “Will we be more interconnected or less? What regions will be the biggest drivers?  Where are the opportunities for growth?”  1.5 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Robert (Rob) Chesler is Vice President and head of FCStone LLC’s Food Service Division. He actively follows anticipated government legislation which can have drastic effects on commodities, particularly milk prices. Panelist Marc Beck is the Executive Vice President, Strategy and Insights, for the U.S. Dairy Export Council; Chris Herlache develops dairy risk management strategies and programs for Schreiber Foods; New Zealander Mark Piper is the President and COO for Fonterra USA.


No Residues Left Behind

Dairy cattle end their careers in the beef industry, and how they are cared for toward the end of their career has a huge impact on the reputation of both the dairy and beef industries. Dr. Mike Apleywill outline the residue challenges in cull dairy cows, what constitutes a residue, how residue levels are  determined, new testing procedures, and high-risk behaviors that contribute to this major reputational challenge in front of us. You’ll be given checklists and protocols to help keep your herd at zero tolerance. 

Dr. Mike Apley, a veterinarian with a PhD in physiology (pharmacology), is a professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Kansas State University where he teaches courses in beef production medicine, large animal medicine and pharmacology courses. He works with veterinarians and producers throughout the United States concerning the use of drugs in food animals.


Food for a Smart Planet 
(8:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. session only)

Today’s food industry and being successful means doing things smarter—with an eye on the consumer—and providing links back to the producer in ways never dreamed of before. Dr. Lowell Catlettwill give us a look at the new world of agriculture, with technologies previous generations could not even conceive, and where the opportunities have never been greater.  1.5 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†


How the World’s Biggest Economy Keeps Getting Bigger (10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. session only)

Creativity, technology and wealth are driving new industries and business development opportunities unlike any period in American history. Get ready for the new U.S. economy that is borderless, untethered and the dominant force in world economic growth.  Dr. Lowell Catlettwill help us understand the what, why and how of our current economy—and connect it all to our dairies and the dairy industry. 1.5 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

Dr. Lowell Catlett is Regents Professor in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business and Extension Economics and Dean of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University. He is an exciting futurist whose knowledge of technologies and their implications on the way we will live and work is addressed in his presentations.


Hall of Ideas Trade Show—Talk with the industry’s preferred suppliers and discover new or tried-and-true products and services that can recharge you and your business.



Day 1 - Tuesday, March 12
9:00 a.m.   Hall of Ideas Trade Show Opens
Start off your day feeling the energy and excitement in the Hall of Ideas Trade Show. Industry partners await your questions and are ready to show you innovative products, services and solutions.

9:30 - 11:00 a.m.   Pre-Conference Specialty Sessions (See inside)

11:00 a.m. - Noon  Lunch in the Hall of Ideas Trade Show

Conference Kick-off - Dennis Frame  .25 CEU UW-SVM*; ARPAS†

12:20 p.m.  KEYNOTE: Dairying Around the World

International Dairy Producer Panel comprised of Andy MacFarlane, New Zealand; 
Jane Dyson, England; and Jaime Suarez, Mexico                 

1:25 p.m.  Inspirational  Keynote: No Place But Up! - Lance Fox

2:00 - 3:00 p.m.  Ice Cream Break in the Hall of Ideas Trade Show     

3:00 - 5:35 p.m.  Afternoon Specialty Sessions (See inside)

5:00 p.m.   Dairy-Style Reception in the Hall of Ideas Trade Show

6:30 p.m.  Dinner
Sit-down dinner with a thousand or so of your best industry friends.

7:45 p.m. -  8:30 p.m.  Entertainment: Laugh at Fear - Frank Miles


Day 2 -  Wednesday, March 13
7:00 - 10:00 a.m.   Continental Breakfast in the Hall of Ideas Trade Show   

8:30 - 11:15 a.m.   Morning Specialty Sessions (See inside)

11:15 a.m. - 12:25 p.m.  Lunch in the Hall of Ideas Trade Show
Sit down and network with fellow producers and agribusiness people and stop by the many booths of the industry’s preferred suppliers. The Trade Show is all about you.

12:25 p.m.  Business Keynote:  Generations, 
Start Your Engines -Seth Mattison

1:15 p.m.  CLOSING KEYNOTE: The Rookie - Jim Morris                                        

3:00 p.m.  2013 PDPW Business Conference and Hall of Ideas 
Trade Show Adjourn

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