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EnSave Energy Efficiency – Farm Energy Audits Reveal Potential Savings

EnSave Energy Efficiency
Dairy farmers hear a lot of information about ways they can save energy on their operation, but it can be difficult to figure out how to prioritize energy efficiency. Fortunately, one company has been working with dairies for over 20 years to help them become more energy efficient and manage their expenses. 
When CEO Craig Metz joined EnSave in 1998, he saw it as a way to return to his roots in the dairy industry. Metz’s family had been dairying the same land in Vermont for over 200 years, and he is the first generation not raised on the farm.

Is Your Dairy Sustainable? With The Nutrient Scorecard, You Will Know The Score

The term "Sustainability" has been in vogue for many industries for several years. A myriad of definitions are found for the term sustainability. This article focuses on sustainability as it relates to dairy milk production and the how Chr.

Risk Management - Safety First

Health+Safety Checklist
Dairy farmers often work in isolation, facing risks from animal behavior, mechanical hazards, climatic conditions, and rushed work deadlines. To minimize and hopefully avoid completely the areas of most risk, a regular and thorough assessment of your facility should be completed annually.  The following checklist will help you identify any high risk areas for injury.

Pasture Management - Maintaining Balance

Pasture Management "Maintaining Balance"
Utilize Pasture Effectively
Pasture is an excellent low cost means of feeding livestock, but requires proper management of both the forage and the livestock. The forage must be managed to optimize growth, while the livestock must be managed to optimize utilization.

Herd Health - Monitoring Performance

Herd Health - Calf Starter Guidelines
Growth Benchmark Basics
Raising dairy replacement heifers is a significant investment for most dairy operations. Monitoring performance and making adjustments as an investment grows is a key to optimizing return on investment.

Vita Plus Expands Expertise

Vita Plus - Barkley, Hagan, Hoffman, Litherland

With a commitment to bringing the latest research and practical expertise to the farm, Vita Plus recently welcomed four new members to the dairy technical services team.

BouMatic Appoints Behnke as PR Manager

BouMatic, the largest U.S. based, globally operating dairy equipment company, announces the appointment of Denise Behnke to Public Relations Manager.