CRV starts business in USA

CRV will intensify its activities in the USA by establishing a new breeding organization. On September 1st, 2009, CRV USA Holdings inc. will begin operating an advanced America-based breeding program and the sales of semen. The office of CRV USA will be in Madison, Wisconsin.
One of the main activities of CRV USA will be the operation of an American breeding program. The activities involve the contracting of bull dams and the genomic testing of a substantial number of American bulls each year. The genomic selection technique has already been fully implemented in the breeding programs of parent company CRV.
Semen sales and product range
A wide range of excellent sires will be available through CRV USA and its partners.
Among other products the package consists of:
• Semen from genomically tested Holstein sires out of the CRV USA breeding program;
• Semen from genomically, as well as conventionally, tested Holstein sires out of the breeding programs of parent company
• SiryX sexed semen.
All products have been developed and produced to meet the highest quality standards.
CRV, the parent company of CRV USA, is an international co-operative cattle improvement organization with offices, breeding programs and a wide range of cattle improvement activities in Oceania, Latin America, Europe and now the USA. Within the dairy industry CRV tests approximately 400 bulls each year. The annual turnover is $135 million.

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