Gold Standard Labs Provides Private Laboratory Services to Detect BVD
Gold Standard Labs (GSL) has been providing BVD-PI testing for the cattle industry since 2005. GSL believes that the antigen-capture ELISA technology provided by IDEXX Laboratories allowed for the first time, a truly cost-effective and timely method for accurately identifying cattle persistently infected with BVD. GSL performed its first tests on December 7, 2005, and is now considered the leading private laboratory in the U.S. for testing cattle for the persistent infection of BVD.

Gold Standard Labs tests one sample per well using the IDEXX HerdChek® antigen capture ELISA plates which is the only USDA licensed method for testing for the persistent infection of BVD. The IDEXX technology allows GSL to provide producers with the most accurate test on the market. Typical turnaround time for the testing procedure is less than 24 hours from receipt of samples.
GSL is currently receiving samples from throughout the United States at their various laboratory facilities. They provide services for both beef and dairy producers throughout the country including cow/calf, stocker, feedlot, dairy and calf-ranch operations.
The staff at GSL is happy to work with producers with all sizes and types of operations.
Gold Standard Labs is committed to providing accurate reporting, timely results, and excellent customer service.

For further information visit the GSL website: or contact them by phone at 806-363

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