Hoof ailments among cattle can easily cost a producer up to $450 per cow per year. Producers know that milking cows with hoof ailments produce drastically less milk, display fertility decreases (longer calving interval) and there is a greater risk of mastitis. Furthermore, hoof ailments demand much more work and more treatment costs often the reason causing culling prematurely. Prevention and treatment with antibiotic free Intra Hoof-Sol products saves both time and money. Used extensively in European dairies, its unique powerful performance is convincing more U.S. farmers and hoof trimmers to use it.

Hoof-Sol contains minerals in chelated form. They are much more stable and remain soluble compared to the traditionally used sulfate form. Alcohol and Aloe Vera are also added to optimize hoof health.
Intra Hoof-Sol products have been developed in close cooperation with dairy producers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers and animal scientists and are thoroughly field-tested.
In addition to the individual care with gel and liquid it is important to run a good footbath program. Intracare has developed a new bath called Eco-saver that is designed with a left and right tub so that the manure drops through the middle grate, a clear improvement over other footbaths.

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