Neogen: Rot-Not Hoof Care

Neogen offers two new all natural hoof disinfectant products
Rot-Not™ & MycAseptic ™ offer environmentally safe hoof disinfectant alternatives
Lexington, KY Oct. 27, 2006- Neogen has added two all-natural hoof disinfectants for cattle, sheep and horses to its comprehensive line of animal care and safety products.
Rot-Not™ and MyAseptic™ both marketed under the Ideal Animal Health Brand, aid in the prevention of common hoof diseases, including digital dermatitis (hoof warts), foot rot and thrush. But, unlike other hoof disinfectants, Rot-Not™ and MyAseptic™ are biodegradable, non-toxic alternatives that do not pose a threat to the environment.
“There are a number of products available to kill the fungi and bacteria, including spirochetes, that cause common hoof disease in cattle, sheep and horses,” said Neogen’s Stacy Dixon. “What makes Rot-Not™ and MyAseptic™ exceptional is their ability to kill fungi and bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals that could easily be spread on hooves to lagoons and other environmentally sensitive areas.”
Rot-Not™ is sold as a concentrated in 16 oz and one gallon bottles, and is intended for use in a footbath. Rot-Not’s™ economical formulation will not soften hooves is non-irritating to the skin and has a pleasant citrus fragrance. The 16 oz bottle makes 100 gallons of ready to use footbath, and the one-gallon makes up to 800 gallons.
MyAseptic™ is a less concentrated version of the same ingredients of Rot-Not™, but is packaged in 16 bottle with a sprayer for direct application of hooves without first diluting the product. Spraying MyAseptic™ water refractile formula on hooves helps seal out excess moisture without drying or hardening the hoof.

Rot-Not™ and MyAseptic™ join the Ideal Animal Health product line which consists of; therapeutic liquids, ointments and wound care products.


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