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Smartstock, LLC Introduces Its Health Monitoring and Breeding Indication Bolus for use in US Dairies.
SmartStock, LLC a Pawnee Oklahoma company has produced an electronic bolus that is ingested into the first or second stomach of ruminate animals like bovine, buffalo and deer. The bolus remains in the stomach for the life of the animal and then once per hour transmits a radio frequency (RF) signal up to 400 feet.

The animals do not need to be disturbed to get the readings and the data transmitted contains a unique ID as well as the animal’s core body temperature. A receiver, then picks up the data and send it on to a computer several miles away where the rancher or herd manager can monitor the health of the animal from anywhere in the world.
Bill Ardrey, President of SmartStock said “SmartStock has been working with major universities like Oklahoma State University (OSU), Missouri University (MU), Colorado State University (CSU) and the University of Illinois (UI) to test and validate the performance of the bolus program”. “Researchers at OSU used the bolus to detect estrus and parturition in breeding cows. They were able to predict estrus 76% of the time with zero false positives. All of the researchers were able to detect illness one to five days before outward clinical signs. This will substantially reduce death loss and save dairy farmers hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars yearly” Ardrey said.
This is a natural for the high performance and expensive dairy cows and producers. SmartStock has even tested the bolus on cattle being transported while looking for transportation stress, with excellent results.

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