Flex Neck TIG Torch

Flex Neck TIG Torch Head Allows Easy Access For Those Difficult-To-Reach Spots
HTP AMERICA, INC. announces its revolutionary Flex Neck TIG Torch Head. This unique tool lets you quickly change the angle of your TIG torch, providing instant, trouble-free access for your torch to practically any tight, cramped or out-of-the-way spot.

With HTP’s advanced torch head, you no longer have to endure the contortions and stress that normally go with trying to reach troublesome spots with a standard TIG torch. This remarkable unit lets you bend the end of your TIG torch into virtually any position in just seconds. The result is quick, easy access to practically anywhere you have to work. TIG welding is suddenly a whole lot easier. For your convenience, HTP has a head available to fit all 9, 17, 20 and 26 series torches. What’s more, any HTP TIG Welder can be upgraded to this torch when ordered. 800-USA-WELD www.usaweld.com

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