Powerblanket LLC

Power Blanket
We regularly have dairy farmers, livestock breeders, and agriculture/growers ask where they can buy our heating products. At Flatwork Technologies, we manufacture a patented heat spreading technology used to heat and maintain temperature in large storage tanks & drums, warm troughs and barrels, maintain temperatures in dairy holding tanks, and heat farming equipment & machinery.
We call it POWERBLANKET. Simply plug it in, and Powerblanket heats rapidly in even the most severe weather conditions. Keep fluids and solids at consistent temperatures year round. It's light weight and very portable. Say goodbye to spoiled dairy and produce, gummed up hoses, frozen equipment, and canceled projects. Powerblanket heats, thaws, maintains, and protects ALL YEAR LONG!

• Protect and insulate temperature sensitive Dairy Products all year long!
• Heat outdoor storage tanks & troughs
• Maintain Temperature in Dairy Products
• Product Temperature sensitive liquids
• Wisconsin Dairy Farmers love it
• Year-round temperature maintenance
• Light weight and easy to install


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