Transport Post Driver

Shaver Mfg introduces the Universal Transport Post Driver (UTD)

Shaver Mfg and Iowa State University’s Engineering Department has completely redesigned the Universal Transport Post Driver (UTD). Available in 3 models (UTD-8, UTD-10, UTD-12) of Post Driver, the UTD will meet the needs of the commercial fencer, rental yard and farmer/rancher. The Shaver UTD is self contained and provides a more flexible method to drive steel or wooden posts. Utilizing a 2” ball coupler, it can be easily transported to and from the job site with a pickup, SUV or tractor.

The UTD’s trailer unit is easily converted from transport position to working position in seconds rather than minutes. Shaver has incorporated their Super Slide Post Driver Positioner and hydraulic adjustment control to get everything plum. Shaver also includes their Safety Arm Attachment on every post driver sold. No more risking hand injury while trying to keep the post lined up in the driver. The Safety Arm Attachment secures the post in place so your hands don’t have to be near the pounding action. The UTD can drive steel posts and railroad ties. With 3 models to choose from, you can pick the unit for your application. No need to sharpen the post, the Shaver Driver takes command of the post and will drive it in the ground.

Shaver also offers a self contained Skid Steer model and tractor 3-point or front mount post drivers. Post Hole Diggers are also available in PTO or hydraulic as is the Shaver StumpBuster for taking out those annoying stumps. Call for more information or to request literature. You can see the Shaver product line at or call 800-767-2273, ask for Ag Sales.

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