FarmTeck BioMass Furnaces & Boilers

Biomass is a renewable form of energy that dramatically reduces energy costs compared to oil, electric heat, propane, or natural gas. Biomass heaters burn herbaceous materials such as corn, waste wood, cherry pits, and pea coal to produce cleaner, drier air while reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

FarmTek now offers BioMass Furnaces & Boilers to heat large spaces economically and efficiently. Biomass heat is cleaner and drier than heat provided by burning fossil fuels, and will save the user up to 60% in energy costs. The BioMass line currently includes four forced-air units (Phoenix, Rocket, and 1.5 Grain Dryer models), two boiler units (Torpedo models), and three forced-air models for home or shop use.

Installing a biomass heater in a barn creates a healthier, drier environment compared to using propane. Every gallon of propane burned emits 6.8 lbs. of water vapor, which increases mold and ammonia levels and can be harmful to an animal’s health. Humidity within the livestock building will also be easier to control when using a BioMass heater, as barns will require less fans and ventilation. A BioMass heater supplies carbon neutral heat, meaning the fuel burned releases the same amount of CO2 into the environment as it absorbed while it was growing. BioMass Furnaces & Boilers are designed to produce the maximum amount of heat with minimal ash and clean up.


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