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The EasyFix Slat Rubber System AGSourcing International Ltd.
Introducing a revolutionary patented system that simplifies fitting rubber on slats;
improving animal comfort and performance. The EasyFix Slat Rubber System for beef
and dairy barns provides area solution to animal welfare issues associated with concrete slatted floors. Unique features of this rubber product include:
• A wedge system, molded as part of the rubber mat, to ensure the rubber is held in place on the slats.
• A diamond pattern on the surface of the rubber mat to offer more grip and reduced animal slippage.

By placing the EasyFix Slat Rubber System on a concrete slatted floor, the stress to an
animal is greatly reduced. The benefits to this stress reduction are many, including:
reducing lameness, improving animal comffort and confidence in foothold and increasing weight gain (beef cattle). With all of these advantages and more, the EasyFix Slat Rubber System has proven to be in many parts of the world, a product with a quick
payback for farmers.

• Prevents lameness
• Improves heat detection due to enhanced foothold & comfort
• Automatic scrapers glide easily over slat rubber
• Increases weight gain for beef cattle
• Improves animal cleanliness due to slope on mat
• Made of natural rubber for lasting durability; will not move, tear or expand after years of use
• Suitable for new and existing slats; easy to install (no drilling into concrete required)


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