Berg Equipment Simplex Alley Scraper System

The answer to your daily chore of manure removal is the Berg Simplex Alley Scraper System. No need to waste money of expensive specialized service calls, the Simplex Alley Scraper is designed for quick and easy maintenance using simple tools.

The Berg Simplex Alley Scraper System simplifies the cleaning reducing labor and eliminating ineffective cleaning with tractor or skid steer. The all steel corner wheel is larger in diameter, resisting breaking due to blunt force and designed to reduce cable wear eliminating bearing failure making the Alley Scraper last longer.

The Simplex Alley Scraper System can be used in single alley operations without a need for return cable or corner wheels. To clean a two alley operation with this system requires only two corner wheels. This eliminates or reduces corner wheel problems and high maintenance cable guides.


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