Doda U.S.A Inc Waste Handling Products

DODA U.S.A. INC. based in St. James, MN. Is the partner and North American Distributor of DODA, Italy. DODA’S wide range of waste handling products includes Vertical and Horizontal Chopper Pumps available in electric or P.T.O. models.

These pumps utilize DODA’S “Patented Chopping System” and oil bath drives are virtually bullet proof. In addition we have Mixers, Screw and Roller Press Separators, Bio Gas Mixers, Bio Separators, Digester Windows and various affiliated components. DODA’s new “Urban Waste System” can convert contaminated organic waste streams into digestible substrate.

DODA’S worldwide market, presence and exposure to many scenarios’ give us insight on handling many difficult waste streams. DODA products are designed to be efficient, effective and consumer friendly. We welcome the opportunity to help in design stages of any waste-handling project in selecting equipment to fit the need of the consumer.


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