Hydro Engineering Drag Hose Manure Injection System

Hydro Engineering the manufacture of Drag Hose Manure Injection Equipment has designed an Equalizer Manifold that was developed as a cost effective and maintenance free way to deliver equal amounts of manure to each injector on a drag hose injection toolbar or manure tank wagon injection toolbar.

As the equalizer turns it feeds each outlet with an even pulsing flow reducing the plugging problem that all other manifolds have. The Equalizer Manifold can accommodate 200 to 2000 GPM of flow and only needs 5 to 7 PSI of pressure. The Equalizer also has a shearing edge that is made of heat-treated tool steel to chop off anything that may enter the outlets to relieve any trash from plugging the outlets. The Hydro Equalizer Manifold can be installed on existing drag hose injection toolbars or manure tank wagon injection units.


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