Mensch Manure Vacuum Simple Barn Design

Simple Barn Design. Barns no longer need to have an integrated manure handling system during construction. The Manure Vacuum replaces the need for pumps, augers, and concrete channels to transport manure from the barn to the storage lagoon or process facility.

• Maintenance and Repair. With the manure vacuum maintenance and repairs can be preformed away from the elements in the comfort of a shop year round.

• Rugged Durability. The manure vacuum is manufactured from the highest quality of materials and components.

• Reduce Time Spent Cleaning Alleyways. The Manure Vacuum cleans the alley in one pass. This allows more time to properly fill and groom freestall bedding. In addition reduced time in the alleyway is reduced wear and tear on equipment.

• Reduce Expansion Cost. With the manure vacuum there is no need to buy additional manure handling equipment, when a dairy expands their facilities. The investment in manure handling has already been made with a manure vacuum.

• Flexible Farm Design. With the ever changing regulations and restrictions manure systems are forced to change. The manure vacuum adapts to manure system changes.

• Remote Manure Processing. The location of a manure processing facilities is not limited to the ability to transfer the manure. The manure vacuum allows the transport of manure easily and reliably to anywhere on the dairy or even near by.

• Patented Scraper System. The scraper head has a spring centering pivot providing protection and safety to the machine and facilities. Also the scraper is equipped with shear bolts on the collection wings allowing the wings to fold around when striking an obstacle instead of causing costly damage.

• Tight Turns. Turning in cross alleys and around tight barns is effortless with manure vacuum due to the small turning circle.

Patented Unloading System. A full length auger in the bottom of the tank allows for quick and easy unloading of all types of manure from sloppy wet manure to dry pasty sand laden manure.

• Instant Suction. The large vacuum blower allows the operator to have instant suction at the scraper head without waiting to build vacuum pressures on the tank.

• Sand Laden Manure. The powerful vacuum blower sucks up thick and heavy sand laden manure from dry cow and heifer barns.


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