Waterproof Milking Sleeve with Thumb Cover

New for 2009, Udder Tech has created a Waterproof Milking Sleeve with Thumb Cover. Similar to our popular Waterproof Milking Sleeve, this sleeve features an extra piece of material that extends the length of the sleeve over the hand and hooks around the thumb to anchor and stabilize the sleeve. No more wet wrists or debris getting down inside the sleeve! The Waterproof Milking Sleeve with Thumb Cover works best when worn with a glove on the hand also. (See photo on right)

Like all of our other milking sleeves, this sleeve features elastic and Velcro at the top of the sleeve to offer a perfect fit around the upper arm as well.

This item retails for $7.49 for an individual sleeve; cost of a pair is $14.98.

As with many of our products, this one originated with a request from one of our customers. At Udder Tech, we listen to what our customers tell us and, being active in dairy farming ourselves, we understand.

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