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New tool for udder health management: Spray gains acceptance by large dairy herd managers. WILLIAMSBURG, Ontario – Dairy producers now have a new tool for the udder health management toolbox with Udder Comfort SprayableTM. This unique, patent-pending, natural formula is specially designed for large herds because it gives all of the benefits of the lotion with the added convenience and efficiency of a spray.
Mastitis is the single most costly disease on the dairy farm, with estimated losses of more than $2 billion for the U.S. dairy industry each year, according to the USDA Agriculture Research Service.

On an individual herd basis, discarded milk, treatment, veterinary services, extra labor and replacement cost add up to 34% of the producer’s costs associated with mastitis. Reduced milk yield accounts for 66% of the economic loss from mastitis and elevated somatic cell counts.
Mastitis can be clinical or subclinical. It can be contagious or environmental, and within these two types, there are different pathogens. Even among well-managed herds with good dry cow management and sanitation, experts estimate an average of 4% to 6% of quarters become infected at calving, and average infection rates can run from a benchmark of 2% to more than 10% of a herd, which is why producers look for ways to proactively manage early and subclinical infections without discarding milk.
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