Dairy Cattle News Releases

Leading Dairy Producer Conference Hosts 212 Farms

Purina Animal Nutrition and Land O’ Lakes welcomed more than 475 dairy producers, family members and industry representatives to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., earlier this year for the Leading Dairy Producer Conference. Now in its twelfth year, it is one of the largest dairy producer conferences held annually in the Upper Midwest.

Tracy Nelson Joins Vets Plus, Inc.

Vets Plus, Inc. welcomes Tracy Nelson to its sales team as Calf Specialist.  Nelson will focus on calf nutrition sales, particularly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Raised on a 100-cow dairy, Nelson has strong connections to the agriculture industry.


She serves on the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors and promotes agriculture as a member of the Young Dairy Leaders Institute and Common Ground Wisconsin.  Locally, she is a 4H leader and her family is involved in showing heifers.


ABBI Selects New Leader

“We have hired Dan Meihak to lead the ABBI,” said Vice President Russ Gant. “He has strong leadership skills and brings with him a valuable understanding of what it takes to grow a successful DNA registry, having worked with the world's largest dairy cattle registry which has been around for 128 years."


DuPont's Stewardship Learning Series

The DuPont Crop Protection land management business unit has introduced the first three in a series of learning modules that address stewardship best practices to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day herbicide, insecticide and fungicide use. The Learning Series is a set of easy-to-use, 15- to 20-minute self-directed training modules that are available online 24/7. Pesticide applicators can access the Learning Series online at www.landmanagement.dupont.com/stewardship.


Higher-Grain Diets for Young Heifers

It’s customary to feed growing heifers high levels of forages and byproduct feeds because these feedstuffs provide an inexpensive source of energy and protein. However, growing heifers digest grains more efficiently than forages. Some of the latest research on feeding replacement heifers looks at incorporating more grain than hay into the diets of young heifers and how this impacts weight gain and feed efficiency.


Environmentally Friendly - Milk Processing Plant

The cold milk separation facility in York, New York State will have a capacity for processing 1  billion pounds of milk daily, when complete. It will be connected to an anaerobic digester — hoped to cut the facility’s carbon footprint — which will be fed on manure.


The plant has the potential to double output to 2 million liters and is anticipated to incorporate valueadded production in the future.


Red Wing Software Offers Accounting and Payroll Solutions for the Dairy Industry

Red Wing Software, Inc. has been developing accounting and payroll software for over 34 years. They integrate and support the accounting and financial management needs of agribusinesses and dairy producers across North America. Red Wing Software’s experience in developing software and supporting their customers has provided Red Wing Software the expertise necessary to create software that is easy to use, and powerful enough to handle the widest variety of needs.


Dairy Safety - Keeping your Dairy Products Safe to Eat

Do you know how to keep your dairy products safe to eat? Review the following tips before your next trip to the grocery store.
Pick up milk and dairy products toward the end of your shopping trip to reduce the amount of time they are out of refrigeration.

Check the "sell-by" date on all dairy products.
Store milk and other dairy products in a refrigerator set below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Front-End Loader Safety Tips

A front-end loader is a versatile and valuable tool on any tractor. However, improper operation of the tractor-loader combination can be hazardous. The center of gravity rises as the loader is raised and the stability of the tractor is affected. If not used according to the guidelines stated in the operator's manual, this can result in a potential tipping hazard for the tractor.

Remember to always refer to the operator's and safety manuals for advice on proper use of your equipment. Adopt and follow the motto "low and slow" when it comes to loader use.

Farmers Should Dress Safely When Doing Their Ag Chores

You know when spring is here and fieldwork has picked up, so does the potential for farm accidents.

Approximately 5% of the accidents on the farm are livestock related, 19% come from machinery and about 36% involve tractors. Agriculture has the highest death rate of any industry in the United States. Approximately 1,600 deaths and 1,600,000 injuries occur each year due to farm work accidents. Do not blame the farm machinery or structures since the human element is usually the underlying cause of a farm accident.