3 Things to Consider Before Implementing Automated Herd Management

Published on Tue, 06/13/2023 - 2:05pm

3 Things to Consider Before Implementing Automated Herd Management.

 Article and photos provided by BouMatic.

Dairy farming can be very labor-intensive. Many dairy farmers see a physical toll after years of milking. But what if there was a way to work smarter, not harder, in today’s modernized world?

There is. Automated systems—like BouMatic’s Gemini milking system—are new technologies created to make life better for dairy producers. They provide efficiencies, add financial value to the bottom line and are easier on the body than conventional milking.

If you have been thinking about integrating automated systems like the Gemini into your milking process, there are three important things you should consider.

1. Change in staffing
The Gemini milking system does not remove the human element from the milking process, but it can change your farm’s staffing make-up.

For example, a conventional parlor will milk 850 cows with nine people, about 100 cows per employee. With a set of eight Gemini doubles, about four people can oversee the milking of 850 cows.

Using the example above, here are some things to keep in mind:

• The skillset for the four employees running the automated system will be different from the skill set of the nine hands-on laborers.

• As you shift your staff, you may need to compensate your automated herd management system employees differently for their technical expertise.

2. A support staff
How you will staff your automated system is a crucial decision to make before installing it. Think of who may be an up-and-coming leader on your operation that is not afraid of a challenge and who doesn’t shy away from using data to make decisions.

The Gemini setup and daily use are via computer and mobile phone system. You will need support staff who can make a judgment call on what to do when something isn’t routine and a prompt is received.

These employees are often highly sought after, so they may require higher compensation.

3. A dealer that you trust
Another vital piece of the puzzle is selecting a dealer you can trust because they will be crucial member of your technology team. It would be best if you had someone with expertise you could rely on. All local BouMatic dealers are backed by a full-time team who have experience in hydraulics, valving, and computer savvy.

A choice that could lead to value
Making a move to automation and technology-based herd management can be daunting. It can change where and how you incur costs and spend your time, but it can also add a lot of value.

Not only financially, but also to the quality and length of your life.