American Cattlemen Acquires Livestock Publications Plus, Inc.

Published on Thu, 08/31/2023 - 12:24pm

American Cattlemen Acquires Livestock Publications Plus, Inc.

Fort Dodge, August 31, 2023; Twin Rivers Media, LLC (TRM), Publisher of the American Cattlemen announces today the acquisition of Livestock Publications Plus, Inc. (LPI), a publisher with a specific focus within the United States Cattle Industry.   LPI is highly recognized for providing customized marketing solutions for cattle sales across the United States, for over 25 years. 

“We are very pleased with this exciting opportunity,” said Gale W. McKinney II, CEO of TRM.   “We have great respect for the owners and staff of LPI.  They have done an excellent job servicing the cattle industry and specifically the Beef Production Sales industry, with quality print services for many years.  We are looking forward to working with those clients and providing them with the extended digital marketing reach of American Cattlemen.”

Mike Sorensen, Publisher of Livestock Publications Plus, Inc. said, “We are so happy to see TRM and specifically American Cattlemen as the purchaser of LPI!  We have known Gale and his team for a long time.  Not only will they do a great job of continuing to fulfill our client’s needs, their huge digital circulation capabilities will assist greatly in expanding the cattle sale producers reach.”

TRM is a leading provider of Multi-Media Services within the cattle and dairy industries through print, digital and social media marketing services.   Supported by a knowledgeable team of marketing professionals TRM offers a strong print, plus digitally-focused opportunity that allows for innovation and growth in the markets we serve.

TRM will acquire the current LPI team in the acquisition.  Ongoing media service questions can be directed to or