American Dairymen look at the Midland MXT115

Published on Tue, 08/20/2019 - 11:35am

 American Dairymen look at the Midland MXT115.

 Ranchers and Farmers operations often require significant travel, with multiple projects performed.  With that, communication among party members is critical for success and often times safety or avoidance of spoiled meat. The Midland MXT115 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio is perfect for those types of situations. 

 This Midland Micro Mobile GMRS radio boasts triple the power of its predecessor to extend your range and allow you to communicate clearly with others in your area with 2-way radios. Designed to be wired to a car, RV, 4-wheeler or other vehicle, this powerful radio features 15 high-power channels, 8 repeater channels, 142 privacy codes and 10 NOAA channels. Compact design with a sleek gunmetal faceplate looks good. Antenna mounts magnetically for long-range communication. Other critical features include channel scan, auto squelch, keypad lock, keystroke chime, digital volume and backlit display. Silent Operation mode turns off all tones for quiet use. 15 Watts deliver crisp sound up to 60 miles.
The MXT115 comes in a very compact package.  This is not the big CB radio of the past.  It mounted very neatly under my steering wheel and was hardly noticeable.  The dimensions of the tiny radio are 4.3″Wx4.7D”x1.4″H which truthfully isn’t much larger than my phone.  The MicroMobile Truly is Micro and Hardly Noticeable in the Cab of your Truck.
The radio comes with a mounting bracket that can easily be attached to the dash of your pick up, utility vehicle or shop wall.  The only thing I would mention is that initially we used the Velcro stickers that came in the pack to attach to them to the dash.  Unfortunately the Velcro would not adhere to the dash for any extended period of time.  The two tiny screws that are provided offered a much better solution for securely mounting the bracket.  Utilizing the provided screws worked okay for mounting it to the wall of our shop also.  Plug in the antenna, the microphone, and then stick power cord in the cigarette lighter and you’re fully functional.   The unit comes with AD and AD adapters, in fact we ended up leaving the unit mounted in our shop since this is our operation headquarters.
We tested the MXT115 X-talkers in several different terrains and were able to easily communicate well in the 5-10-mile range with the mobile in the truck.  The specs say that in a perfect situation you could possibly get 60 miles apart and still transmit but in the rural Iowa areas with the natural obstructions 5-10 miles worth of transmission ability between radios was optimal.  The likely hood of obstructions on a farm or ranch is pretty high so you can probably expect to land in that 5-10-mile range, which is really more than adequate for most applications.
Two-way radios can be very useful on the farm and ranch with multiple people and vehicles working in many different locations quick communication is vital.  Cell phones work well if you are stationary, but two-way-radios provide you quick, safe communication and are far more convenient when you are in the work setting.  The ease of use, relative low cost and many applications should make the MXT series from Midland a strong candidate for your farm or ranch.  The MXT series is easy to install, has a low learning curve, and operates very well within it suggested ranges.
We would highly recommend the Midland MXT115 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio.