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Published on Thu, 01/24/2019 - 9:38am

 Introducing Anderson Groups New Self-loading Wrapped Silage Bale Mover.

 Article provided by Anderson Group.

 The RBMPRO2000 is a self-loading wrapped silage bale mover, allowing to pick up wrapped bales, wrapped previously either by a single pull-type wrapper or wrapped and dropped in the field by the combination baler-wrapper. The RBMPRO2000 could therefore with one operator and only one tractor, load itself  with up to 14 wrapped bales, or 20 dry bales, transport them and unload also without the need of a second tractor. It does allow to move quickly, efficiently wrapped bales off the field, so irrigation system could start running again or more importantly, move those wrapped bale within 3 hours after the wrapping process otherwise passed that time, handling wrapped bale will reduce the efficiency of the oxygen barrier protection provided by the plastic film and therefore the crop value will drop as well.
Anderson Group is the market leader for inline wrapper in North America. These wrappers are able to wrap 150-180 bales an hour in the perfect condition, and pretty soon we realized that the need for an efficient inline wrapper was useless if the farm operator is not able to move bales from the field to the farm in an efficient time laps. Anderson Group as also become over the years the market leader  in pull-type bale handling equipment, having a full range of product for round, and square bale of every dimension. Over the last 5 years, we were investigating the European market and trying to find a “niche market” that was not exploited and we stared analyzing the logistic that was involved with the new trend of combination baler-wrapper in Europe, and we realized that moving wrapped bales was the bottle-neck of many farmers. We had the experience of wrapping bales, and we had the experience of moving unwrapped bales. Why not try to combine those two knowhow together, and optimizing the logistic chain of the wrapped bale left behind combination baler-wrapper… This is how it all started.
The most effective and economic way to get your hay wrapped is to bale them in the field, transport them with a self-loading bale carrier to the farm, and then wrap them with an inline wrapper. However, in some cases farmers are having issues with labor, and they will need to hire a contractor to come and do the job for them. However, contractors are not interested staying at the farm, and waiting for the bale to be moved from the field to the farm before being wrapped. There is a lot of “waiting time” in this process where the contractor will not be able to be as efficient, and will loose either money or cost money to the farmer. Therefore contractor are pushing farmers to wrap baleage in the field with a combination baler-wrapper because they can simply go in and out, wrap it all, and there is no “down time” for the contractor. However, this will leave the farmer with wrapped bales sitting in the field, waiting for him to pick them up. Moving wrapped bales as a stand alone farmer is a time consuming task where chance of puncturing the plastic film of the bale are significant. Also, most of the time farmer would like to get the bales off the field to insure a fast regrowth, but doing it within 3 hours after the wrapping process it’s sometime impossible and therefore handling those bale past that critical 3 hours will deteriorate the oxygen barrier capacity of the film.. The farmer is trapped in dilemma where he needs to either leave the bale longer in the field in order for the fermentation process to be complete (3 weeks) so it can preserve the hay quality of the wrapped bale, or move the bale right now and loose hay quality, but favorizing a faster regrowth of the grass in the field… The RBMPRO2000 is the world first wrapped silage bale mover, where the contractor can now offer a third service to the same farmer. On top of charging for baling and wrapping services, they will be able to efficiently move out of the field the wrapped bale and unload them wherever the farm owner wants them… all this in the same day. Farm owner will get maximum values for his crop, contractors will have more income by offering additional services, and at the end the field will be cleared out ready to grow again with less soil compaction generated by the back and forth movement of the tractor chasing bales one after the other.   

California-Based Lawley’s Inc. Expands to Plainview, TX. New Plant to Increase Efficiency, Production, and Quality.

Article and photo provided by Lawleys

Plain Star, LLC, a subsidiary of Lawley’s Inc.—a national leader in animal nutrition and animal illness prevention—has expanded into Plainview, Texas with the purchase of a manufacturing and distribution facility. The former ADM Milling Plant—an 80,000 square-foot plant—will allow Lawley’s to create jobs and better serve customers in the region, as well as enhance production, quality control, and efficiency.
“Due to our extensive customer base in the southwest region, expanding into Texas made sense,” said Casey Lawley, CEO for Lawley’s Inc. “The proximity of our new plant to our existing and future customers in Texas and eastward will expedite our process and increase our production capability. We expect the new facility to eventually exceed—and possibly double—current production in California.”
Over the next six months, Lawley’s will be updating the facility and expects production to begin in mid-2019. With state-of-the-art, automated equipment, the facility will include a laboratory and will be utilized to manufacture and distribute animal nutrition products for several animal species, especially milk replacers, specialty products, and nutritional supplements for calves to service dairies, calf ranches, and farm stores in the area.
“Our new facility and the cutting-edge technology employed will ensure efficient batching, greater quality control, and top-of-the-line products,” added Lawley. “We’ll have the ability to manufacture with precision and superb quality, unmatched in the industry. Additionally, we’ll be able to expand our product line with the perfect research facility to innovate, improve, and design new processes.”
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About Lawley’s
Serving producers for over 30 years, Lawley’s specializes in animal nutrition and prevention of animal illnesses by producing nutrients and supplements that enhance growth, health and performance to keep herds thriving. The Lawley’s brand has become nationally recognized for the company’s long line of animal nutrition products. In the Lawley family tradition, Lawley’s Inc. continues to manufacture and distribute nutritional calf products for the dairy industry, as well as animal supplements for replacement heifers and cows, beef cattle, horses, poultry, swine, and lamb/kid.