Rotary System Designed for Maximum Performance

Published on Wed, 04/07/2021 - 9:22am

Rotary System Designed for Maximum Performance.

 Article and photos provided by BouMatic.

 Ebert Enterprises LLC operates with 3,500 adult cows and 3,500 heifers. They had been milking in two parlors; a Double 26 parallel and a Double 8 for the cows that need closer attention after freshening.  In 2016, they started milking with an 80-stall BouMatic Xcalibur 360EX external rotary parlor.

They are working 6,500 acres of cropland with 20 percent double-cropped each season. A few interesting aspects about Ebert Enterprises LLC include their ability to feed high-forage rations due to the land base, and the double cropping gives them opportunity to plant alternative forages like sorghum and peas and oats.

With the updated milking facility they have been able to minimize the cow’s milking time and provide an efficient atmosphere for their employees. It has also given them the ability to adjust for growth for future generations.

Ebert Enterprises LLC – owned by Randy and Renee Ebert was chosen to host the 2017 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Inc. show. Randy and Renee are the sixth generation of the family to live on the farm.  The Ebert’s farm showcases all aspects of agriculture in Kewaunee County.

BouMatic’s External Rotary
Designed for continuous, around-the-clock milking, the BouMatic Xcalibur 360EX is rugged and precision engineered to deliver unrivaled throughput and maximum efficiency for a dairy operation.

Reducing the risk of downtime and finding ways to help an operator save cost with energy efficiency are all factors of the design. Super strong radial arms link the platform to the center. The platform rotates on a massive circular double I-beam rail system with nylon rollers for the ultimate in smooth operation that is safe and easy on cows. The extremely durable nylon rollers require no lubrication and reduces maintenance costs. The rotary electric drive system saves operating costs with an energy efficient design.

The system also provides comfort to both the cow and operator. The sloped concrete platform deck enhances cleaning and promotes sure footing for the cows and a quiet environment for milking. Low profile cabinets eliminate an intimidating maze of pipes and a well-designed entrance and exit add to the cow’s comfort.

Each stall has an integrated system console to house automation components and pulsators and provides easy access to CIP jetter cups. Automation is within easy reach of the operators to prevent fatigue. Fold-down jetter doors are positioned for easy access and quick set-up.

Smooth operation, clean, contemporary lines and easy cow loading and unloading are hallmarks of BouMatic’s rotary milking system. Through increased cow comfort, operator efficiencies, improved equipment performance, and long lasting construction, the Xcalibur 360EX™ provides dairy operators with the ability to harvest the highest quality milk gently, quickly and completely.