Trident unveils modular water & nutrient recovery system

Published on Thu, 12/03/2020 - 8:14am

Trident unveils modular water & nutrient recovery system.

 Affordable nutrient management solution aims at dairies with 250 cows or more.

 Resource recovery expert Trident has launched a new modular manure treatment system. It allows dairies to remove nearly all suspended solids in their lagoon stream and to recycle large volumes of clarified water. The system benefits the performance of sand separation or flush systems, and cuts land application costs. It can be integrated with existing primary separation and its treatment capacity is designed for 250 to 3,500 cows per single unit. The drop-in ready 40’ containerized module includes the process equipment, pumps, conveyance equipment, and controls. The modular design makes for easy implementation and it can eliminate expensive infrastructure or building expansions.

For more details visit or contact a Trident representative at 1-800-799-3740.

About Trident Processes Inc. - Trident Processes Inc. is an integrated resource recovery company offering proprietary technologies for processing wastewater and sludge. Trident resource recovery solutions allow livestock producers the capture and reuse of water, nutrients and other valuable components from agricultural waste streams. Every year Trident systems process billions of gallons of liquid waste across North America, improving the economic and environmental performance of producers.

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